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Site Permissions

August 23, 2013 in Club News

Some concern has been expressed over the Board Minutes being public. As a result we have locked them down to members only. To see them you must register on this website and then be granted permission.

Additionally, If anyone is interested in contributing to the content of this site (board minutes, posts, calender events etc) please let me know. Thanks!

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Site Migration in Progress

August 29, 2012 in Site News

Since Moogo is shutting down, we’re working on moving all the content to this site.

As a warning, this site may go through lots of changes during the migration.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and as always please leave a comment with any feedback good or bad.

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Hunting Season 2011

November 29, 2011 in Hunting

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Fall 2011 Newsletter

August 29, 2011 in Club News


From the board of directors:

The board of directors have been meeting the fourth Wednesday of every month.  Several topics have discussed through out the summer.

There has been a porcupine problem on Prospect.  The porcupines have nested in the big pile of brush in great amount of numbers and are now doing damage to the camps in the area.  The members on the road have asked the Club to have someone come in and bury iit or haul it off to a different location.  The board has asked John Doyle to give them an estimate on doing the job.

Guest fees going into a deer management system had been discussed some with further discussion to go on at the annual meeting.

Many other topics have been discussed as well.  The board encourages everyone to come to the annual meeting.

The annual duck race was a huge success again this year!  This was the fifth year for the duck race.  The organizers have decided to give out a prize to the person that has the duck that crosses the finish line in place of the same year as the event.  This year Richard Todd’s duck came in 5th so he was awarded that prize.  The 1st place winner was Bill Jackson, 2nd winner was Blake Young and 3rd was Gracie Todd.  Congrats to all and thank you to the Daniels family for making this such a fun event every year!

THe annual fishing derby was great fun for all also!!!  Every participant won some sort of prize.  The biggest prize going to Blake Young!  Two other prizes were awarded to Katie Hauf and Rachel Couglar.  Thanks to the Couglars for chairing this great event once again!

Fall Meeing and Pig Roast

The fall meeting will be Saturday September 10, 2011 at 2:00 pm.  The Pig Roast will begin at 4:00 and go until all are served.  The menu is roast pork, salt potatoes, mac and cheese, baked beans, rolls and desserts.  The price for this delicious meal is $10.00 per person, children under 12 by donation.

The D.J. will start after dinner.  Come with your singing voices and dancing shoes once again!  Gregg Sloan, we missed you at the last party!  American Pie just isn’t the same without you!!!

Work Day will begin at 8:00am.  Check in will be at the clubhouse.  Richard Todd will be organizing the work and the workers.  Failing to sign up to work on that day will result in a workday fine.  Come on out to help keep our club a safe and happy place to be!

Septic Systems

Don Baker has been working on getting the APA to amend our permit to include septic systems.  He has made great progress so far.  He will need to know who is interested in putting one in.  You have to be totally sure that you want to do this before signing up.  There will be only a limited amount of permits allowed at this time.  If you get on the “list” you will only have a certain time frame to put this system in.  So, Don is asking that you be absolutely sure before putting yourself on the list!  Don has further information on the details of this permit.  He will be discussing this at the meeting.

Save the Dates

September 10, 2011  —  Work Day (8-12)  Meeting at 2   Pig Roast at 4

December 31st —  New Years Eve Party  (See Patty Daniels for details)

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Spring 2011 Newsletter

April 15, 2011 in Club News

Spring Newsletter

From the Board of Directors

The Board has been meeting and working through out the long winter months. But, spring is here and with it new business to take care of. The board meets the 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm. They encourage everyone to attend when they can. Many topics have been tackled by the board this winter. They have accepted some new members. Some buying existing camps and shares, some buying new. We are now close to the total number of members that we want before shutting off membership, this was discussed at the fall meeting. Some members have come to the board to ask if they could transfer their shares to their children. The audit committee has finally come together and should have a report at the meeting. The by-law committee has also been plugging away. Some of the board members have had a couple of more meetings with the lawyer that was hired for the law suit brought against the club by Mark St.Louis. Hopefully that subject is coming to an end!

A lengthy discussion was had about a protocol for new member applications. All people applying for membership will go through the same process each and every time. A discussion was brought up by a member about  a family non-member on the club without a member with them. It was discussed at length and determined that the club is not open to every body that there would be no lines at how far down the “family tree” would be.

Spring Meeting and BBQ

The spring meeting will be called to order at 2:00pm at the club house. Everyone is encouraged to attend. On the agenda this spring we will be voting for two officers and one director. Please come and cast your vote! Also, on the agenda there will be a audit committee report and  a report from the by-law committee. Announcement of new members and a discussion on closing off membership. Rayonier Land Lease will be discussed also.

The chicken BBQ will start at 4:00pm and go until all are served. Desert donations are wanted again! Please drop them off at the club house kitchen! Also, Richard Todd is chairing the BBQ and would appreciate some volunteers to help out with the cooking, serving and clean up. The price is $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for children 12 and under! Come help support the activities committee and enjoy some great food, friends and fun!

Richard Todd is also in charge of posting the “posted” signs. He is looking for 12 inch by 12 inch pieces of plywood to mount the signs to. If you can help him out with this just give him a call or stop by his camp.

Dave Harmer shot a beautiful 12 point buck this past hunting season! He asked the board if they were interested in the head to mount and display in the club house. They took him up on the offer. They paid for the mount out of guest fees. It is now on display in the club house.

 Clip and Save Dates

May 1st—Meeting and BBQ

2:00pm— Spring meeting

4:00pm— Chicken BBQ

*July 10th—Duck Race

12:00pm—Hamburgers and Hot dogs being served.

1:00pm— Let the Race Begin!!

Make sure to see Patty Daniels starting at the spring meeting for your “lucky” duck ! Ducks will be sold until all are gone!!!

*August 7th— Annual Kids Fishing Derby. See Patty Daniels for details!

2011 Town & County Taxes

January 22, 2011 in Club News

The 2011 Town & County Taxes will be mailed the week of January 24th.

Total Taxes are $28,083.25, up $37.90 from 2010 which were $28,045.35

Also included this year are Work day fines of $50.00 if you did not attend (or did not receive an exemption) the September 2010 workday. If you believe you have been billed a work day fine in error you need to contact Richard Todd. Work day substitute work must be completed prior to the actual workday, not inthe year after the workday has passed.

I have spent extra time to list your certificates and face values so we can make sure the records are accurate. Please contact Everett Basford if you have a correction or question.

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Hunting Season 2010

November 29, 2010 in Hunting

Thanks for the support

May 3, 2010 in Club News

Thanks to all of those who participated in a great weekend at the Club. The meeting was exciting and animated as usual but the Board is doing a fantastic job.

We served over 140 people at the BBQ. A big thanks to the Basfords and Jerry Warren. The Chicken was delicious! I apologize to those at the end of the line for running out of things. We’ll try to do better next time. Also thanks to the volunteers who helped setup, serve and cleanup.

Many stayed around for the DJ in the evening and from what I saw had a great time. Some might have been suffering a bit Sunday morning though.

What a fantastic group of people! Looking forward to our next big event!

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A Little Info Just In Case

February 21, 2010 in Site News

Just in case you stumble on this site in its current state…

I’m in the process of migrating the old promotional info over here. When that’s done I’ll begin the process of updating the site to be somewhat meaningful for members. A place they can contribute to and come to for the latest info.

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Hunting Season 2009

November 29, 2009 in Hunting

The big buck is the one shot this year by David Harmer.  it is a 12 point and weighed180 pounds.  David donated the head to the club and it is being mounted and will be in the clubhouse before the spring meeting.